Bellalussi : The Snail + Fermentation Brand

Snail Mucin: The Miracle of Skin Rejuvenation

Asian countries like South Korea, transcend the cosmetics industry with very Unimaginable and Innovative, Traditional, Natural Herbal ingredients passed down from generation to generation. In 800BCs, crushed snail shells would be recommended to help with inflammation and in the process of handling the snails, South-Korean farmers made a realization that their hands were getting softer and their wounds healed faster and now this goo is incorporated in the some of the Best Skincare Products I know.

So, how is this Slime; Wonder Goo collected?

Very Snail Friendly it’s said to be like a long warm bath. Snails are put in a special steam bath like environment, with a mesh or a bumpy surface that has the slime sliding off willingly as the snail moves around. A Spa moment for them thanks to the new Cruel-Free technology.

B for Benefits: The Miracle of Skin Rejuvenation

Packed with Glycolic and Hyaluronic acids, Glycoprotein enzymes with antimicrobial peptides and Proteoglycans, the snail goo trail is a veritable fountain of youth.
Expect Improvements on: Inflammations, Texture, Hyper-Pigmentation, Moisture retention, Healing, reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles and a natural glow.
Hyaluronic acid, ‘Natures Moisturizer’ is Hydrating, Antiaging and with Antimicrobial peptides that penetrates deeply into the skin reducing acne and treat Hyper-pigmentation.
Glycolic acid, an AHA, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, along with Malic and Lactic acids; effectively exfoliates the outermost layer of dead cells revealing a brighter and fresher skin. It is used to treat Scarring, Skin discoloration, Wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture.

Absorbable good-for-your-skin stuff.: Radiant, Supple, Healthy, Naturally glowing

Snail Slime is suitable for ALL Ages and : Acne-Prone, Sensitive, Dry & Flaky, Oily and Aging  skin types with a touch and an end-result you will definitely love.
For Side Effects: I couldn’t find any! But like all other Products: Do a patch Test first. I keep saying that Skincare doesn’t need much convincing and especially one with Active Ingredients that work wonders. Recommending My daily Day / Night Fave Snail Filtrate products:

Bellalussi Snail + Fermentation Brand

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Step 8: Eye Cream       Step 9: Moisturizer      Step 10: Sun cream

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