What is Cica & Calendula?

These Ingredients require no convincing. Why? They speak for themselves.
Youthful, supple, healthy, radiant or plump skin?

Cica products are a must have for sensitive, dull, allergy-prone, wrinkled or dry skins aiding in nurturing. Centella asiatica, a natural ingredient herb in the Asian region. Promotes collagen production with its high antioxidant level and also inhibits inflammation.

With anti-aging, soothing, and moisturizing effects, it will calm, hydrate, brighten, firm, repair and sooth your skin: dry, inflamed, sensitive and irritated areas by regenerating and repairing the skin.

There are so many ways of incorporating Cica into your skin care regime using some of the Centella asiatica extract products;

  • Veridique Whip Cica Calendula Whip, the cleanser that maintains your skin’s PH
  • Veridique Cica Calendula Water, a toner that is just the cup of tea for the skin
  • Veridique Cica Calendula Cream the essential for delicate and sensitive skin and the
  • Veridique Intensive care lotion and Cream infused with Shea butter, they are universal all in one for the whole family

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