Veridique Rose Berry Yogurt Mask (100g)


Look forward to a good scrub with the sweet-smelling wash off the exfoliating mask with ingredients that nourish, soothes, removes sebum wastes, and preserves the natural balance of the skin for a smoother softer texture.

Perfect for all skin types, gentle, yogurt-wash off mask that moisturizes and brightens the skin

Rosa damascena extracts  –  Has strong antibacterial and antiseptic benefits against bacteria that cause acne.
Berry complex extract – Excellent sources of vitamin C for the formation of collagen, which gives our skin structure and elasticity.
Calamine –  Relieves itching on skin irritations and inflammations
Kaolin Clay – Applied to wounds to soften and illuminate discoloured skin.

How to use
After washing, dry face and apply a Yogurt mask avoiding eyes and mouth, and wash off in warm water after 5~10 minutes.

Skin Type :All Skin Types

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