Watermelon Sugar Lip Scrub (5g)


Watermelon extracts, best calming and hydrating choice
Citronline protein in the watermelon rind provides rich nutrition to dry and chapped lips. Beta-carotene nourishes lip skin for a healthy plumping gloss.

12% sweet brown sugar scrubs away dead skin cells and fills moisture.
A sugar lip scrub contains 12% natural brown sugar to scrub away dead skin cells and forms a protective moist film for preventing skin dryness.

Impeccable exfoliation by AHA in grape
AHA in grapes mildly sorts out the region in between the lip wrinkles and ultra-fine dead skin cells unreachable by sugar and looks after lip with smooth texture.

Treatment of deep hydrating and plumping lip gloss
Shea butter works together with vitamin C, vitamin E, and collagen to nourish chapped lips inside out while rosehip oil and grape seed oil forms a moist film and keeps plumping lip gloss.

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Additional information

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A Vegan and Dermatology tested brand; that aims to relieve skin concerns by exploiting the power of natural ingredients. Inspired by nature, find your natural beauty; Ariul applies the same Natural Relief idea of 'detox' to skin care. Korea's bestseller brand without a doubt! Ingredients like: Bamboo water, Multivitamins, Lemon, Collagen, and Micellar just a few to mention do wonders for your complexion!

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Your skin deserves IT: Care, Love, and a Tender touch!
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