Potato Sheet Masks (3Pcs)


Brightening Texture care: 25ml * 3Pcs Potato Sheet Mask
Potato is a Natural exfoliator known for its benefits to brighten, soothing and provide anti-aging properties.

Our Potato Sheet masks’ are enriched with Vitamin C, Iron, and Niacin, essence aims to moisturize, treat acne, eliminate blemishes, Oil Sebum control, and brighten your skin, giving you that radiant, healthy glow you’ve always desired.

Key Benefits:
Reducing Under-eye Circles: The cooling effect of potato soothes the delicate skin reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles.
Treating Acne and Blemishes: Starch in potatoes has anti-inflammatory and mild bleaching properties, which soothe acne-prone skin, reduce redness & swelling, and fade blemishes and acne scars.
Natural Exfoliation: Natural enzymes and mild acids in potato act as gentle exfoliants, sloughing off dead skin cells promoting a smooth texture.
Anti-Aging Properties: Antioxidants in potatoes help protect the skin from premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
Soothing Sunburns: The cooling and anti-inflammatory properties of potatoes can offer relief to sunburnt skin and reducing redness.
Oil Control: For oily skin, potato extracts help regulate excess oil production and leave the skin feeling refreshed.

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Additional Key Benefits:
Moisturization: Potato contains good water, which keeps the skin hydrated. Our mask locks in moisture, & prevent dryness.
Rich in Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamins C, B, potassium, and iron nutrients are crucial in nourishing and maintaining the skin’s health and vitality.
Brightening & Radiance: Natural enzymes & vitamin C in potatoes aid in skin brightening. They help fade dark spots, pigmentation, and even out the skin tone.

Pure Label sheet masks are designed to give extra care to your under eyes soaked in nourishing extracts & beneficial ingredients, guaranteeing maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Suitable for All Skin Types:
The Potato essence is a must-have in your skincare routine.
Say goodbye to dull, lackluster skin and welcome a revitalized complexion.

How to Use:

  • Start by cleansing your face, ensuring it’s free from impurities to maximize the sheet mask’s benefits. See our Cleansers
  • Gently unfold the sheet mask and carefully place it on your face.
  • For 5-20 minutes, relax and enjoy the magic.
  • After removing the sheet, gently pat any remaining essence into your skin until fully absorbed.

Skin Care Tip:

  • Incorporate our Potato Sheet Mask into your regular skincare routine for optimal results.
    Remember to apply SPF to safeguard your revitalized skin from harmful UV rays during the day and/or a moisturizer during the day.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 1.3 × 6.3 cm



PureLabel is purely a goodness pack with ingredients that are sweet to smell and effective too. Ideal products that leave the skin moisturized, and nourished with the combined benefit of brightening and tightening the skin through cleansing and facial masks.

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