Foam Cleanser Nokdu/MungBeans (175ml)


Purpose Description:
Mung beans are rich in Minerals of Iron and Zinc and Vitamins.
PureLabel Foam Cleansing Nokdu thus removes free radicals and is packed with benefits for inflammatory, sensitive skin, acnés and an overall, deep cleansing, make up and sebum removal without stripping off your natural skin oils.

Dance in the rain, roll on the ground, in the grass and later on, enjoy our Mung beans cleanse.

How To Use:
1. Squeeze a moderate amount on your palm
2. Lather it up with clean water

3. Massage on skin’s desired area
4. Rinse off with clean water

5. Enjoy your deep  Oil Cleanse

Skin Type :All Skin Types

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Ideal products that leave the skin moisturized, nourished with a combined benefit of brightening and tightening the skin through cleansing and facial masks. PureLabel is purely a goodness pack with ingredients that are sweet to smell and effective too.

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