All-Day Nourishing Vitamin Wash-off Mask


Gently polish away the gunk and dead skins and refine the texture of your skin with a wash-off exfoliator. Frequent use of gentle exfoliation products helps the skin appear radiant, enlivened and helps it breathe.

All Day Wash Off Jumiso is specially formulated to improve texture and boost your skins’ absorption of nutrients. Purify and Detox!

This 100ml mask works as a barrier on the skin to protect from external irritations.

Made-in-Korea, its MAIN ingredients:

15 Multi-Vitamin, Lemon Peel e.t.c make it a mild facial exfoliator as it regulates the excessive secretion of sebum.

Definitely, a product for you if you’re looking for Healthy, Vitalized, Texture Improved skin.

Suitable and safe to use for all skin types.

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