Hydrating Chia Water Toner (500ml)


Hydrating Toner: unveiling the Power of Chia & Hyaluronic Acid * 500ml
The hydration secrets of Chia Seed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid in your skincare routine. Incredible antioxidant-rich ingredients, perfect for slowing signs of aging, reducing inflammation, and nurturing even the driest and flakiest skin.

Say goodbye to sagging, dryness, and redness as we discover how to achieve a clean, clear, and radiant complexion.

Key Points:
Antioxidant: Chia Seed extracts become a shield against aging for a youthful and vibrant glow.

Accelerated Healing: Uncover the healing properties, reducing redness and inflammation for a calmer and healthier complexion.
Hydration Wonder: Hyaluronic Acid attracts and locks in moisture forming a protective barrier to keep your skin hydrated and plump.
Chia Extract for Dry and Flaky Skin: A true hero for restoring & retaining moisture, banishing dryness, and revealing a more balanced and clear tone.

Skin Type:
Mature, Dry, and Flaky Skin

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EWG tested & approved for use on Sensitive allergy-prone skin
Capacity volume of 500ml of the delighting hydrating secret of Chia seed extracts & Hyaluronic Acid.

How to Use:

  • Start by cleansing your face, ensuring it’s free from impurities to maximize the toner’s benefits.
  • Take an appropriate amount and gently massage it into your skin.

Skin Care Tip:

  • Use a Cotton pad soaked in out=r toner and gently wipe your hairline too.
  • Remember to apply SPF to safeguard your revitalized skin from harmful UV rays during the day and/or a moisturizer during the day.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 7.35 × 7.35 × 18.1 cm





With ingredients that have an EWG green score, it's tested and approved for use on sensitive skin and is a Hypoallergenic brand. Veridiqué is truly a #benakedveridique with products that are suitable for all skin types, a cup of tea for the whole family’s skin.

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