SF Bio Lotion (130ml)

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Hailed as the most effective ingredient in anti-ageing Snail Extracts is rich in: ⓐGlycolic ⓑHyaluronic Acids that Exerts Delicate Exfoliation, Nourishment, Rejuvenation, Hydration and Anti-aging benefits revealing a Smooth appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
As a Moisturizer Lotion containing Snail, Adenosine infused via fermentation, Bellalussi Snail Fermented Lotion effectively and efficiently Moisturizes the Skin, Protecting it with a needed touch of Anti-wrinkle care.
With a light texture: It Lightly melts into skin for instant absorption, Softens, Hydrates and Tones having a No-Greasy effect on skin.

Recommended for all skin types!

Snail mucus filtrate
Various fermented extracts

How to Use:
Take an appropriate amount, and gently tap on skin for absorption.

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Reverse the age of your skin! Special care for skin elasticity🐌
Ingredients like: Snail Mucin, Niacinamide, Fermented Extracts, Adenosine, and Natural HG are just a few mentioned;
Bellalussi Brand is formulated for Brightening, Anti-wrinkle, Intense hydration, and Nourishments, penetrate deep into the skin to reverse the age of your skin without leaving a sticky texture and/or a white-cast for the Suncream.

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Care, Love, and a Tender touch!

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