BELLALUSSI Snail Intensive Ampoule


Rejuvenate+ Antiaging + Hydrating + More (40ml)
Nutrients packed with oriental Korean and traditional herbs fermented with Snail Mucin. Ingredients proven to provide combined benefits to the skin.

Hydrating ✔Antiaging✔ Stimulates Collagen production ✔ Protects against moisture loss ✔ Acne-treatment✔ AHAs✔ BHAs✔ Calms the Skin✔ All Skin Tones✔ Fast Penetrating✔  Stimulate Elastin Production✔ Promotes healing✔

The Skin Miracle : Bellalussi Intensive Care Ampoule.

Angel’s Tear Extract
Snail Mucus Extract
Various Fermented Extracts
Peptides✔ Hyaluronic acid✔

Skin Type
Aging skin
Best during a skin breakout!
Dry/ Rough / Sensitive Skin
Inflamed / Irritated Skin

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