Watermelon Hydro-Glow Gel Mist



Moisturizing Facial Mist Spray for Youthful and Healthy Skin – Repairs Dry, Dull, and Damaged Skin with Watermelon Essence & Triple Hyaluronic Acid – 120ml

  • Hydrating Face Mist: Ariul’s watermelon mist has a unique jelly consistency. Upon spraying, the gel transforms into an ultra-fine and lightweight essence that immediately boosts the skin’s hydration level. The watermelon jelly forms a hydrating barrier, keeping in moisture for the ultimate absorption. Moreover, the gel mist won’t evaporate like other mists.
  • Perfect Blend for Youthful Skin: The watermelon hydro glow gel mist contains the ideal blend of ingredients to moisturize your skin deeply. The facial mist is powered by watermelon extract and triple hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate hydration and radiance for youthful-looking skin. In addition, watermelon extract has extraordinary hydrating capabilities with a cooling effect.
  • Vitamin Rich Formula: Hydro Glow Gel Face Mist is nourishing for the skin as it contains five types of vitamin complexes that can help repair damaged skin. The moisturizing ingredient strengthens the skin barrier. As a result, it brightens and firms dull and dry skin. Our formula provides firming care for all skin types – dry, oily, and combination.
  • Balanced Skin Care: Ordinary facial mists may provide hydration, but Ariul gel mist delivers complete balanced care for your skin. Watermelon Hydro Glow Gel Mist contains patented ingredients to soothe damaged skin. It has seven nature-derived elements, including Centella Asiatica, Chamomile Flower, Rosemary Leaf extract, and more. These ingredients also provide an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cruelty-Free Product: Ariul strives to provide necessary nutrition to the skin. We harness the power from natural ingredients like watermelon extract for resilient, radiant, and healthy skin. This facial mist spray has passed the skin irritancy test. It is also free from synthetic pigment, phenoxyethanol, and dimethicone.



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