Black DON’T Crack!

Black Don’t crack, White Stay tight, Asian don’t raisin & Brown don’t frown. Agreed! But only to some extent.

So, let us understand why a suncream is important.

Melanin, the skin pigment on humans and animals. Produced by the skin cells, when exposed to the light, it is what makes one appear darker in shade. Yes, it helps protect the skin from the UV rays and from DNA damage and future skin cancers. But how long can once skin take it? Melanin is not strong enough to protect and hence we experience sun burns. Skin irritations or damage from exposure to too much sun, UV rays.

Protective measures do exist. So, why go through all that when you can protect your skin with the necessary products? SPF = Sun Protection Factor. SPF is actually a measure of protection from amount of UVB exposure and it is not meant to help you determine duration of exposure

What do we have to offer? Our recommendation goes to:

Paw Paw Sun cream SPF50+ PA+++ under the Bellalussi brand. It is a pack of goodness do we say: With Vitamins A this includes retinol, retinoic acid and retinal for healthy skin cell production, Vitamin C a repairing nutrient, Vitamin E an antioxidant for protection and nourishment of the skin, Vitamin K for healing, and is pumped with antioxidants properties.

Paw paw extract is essential and useful for complexion brightening, hydrating and is believed to cleanse the skin fighting against acnes, pimples and wrinkles with its antioxidant properties.

With a SunCream, you change nothing about yourself. You are just protecting your skin and providing it with nutrients whould you have a suncream that delivers double combined or more benefits.

If you love your skin, protect your cells and invest in a sun cream for the sun cares for no man.

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